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We have created a brand new site for your enjoyment. Due to unforseen issues, we have decided to close the online shopping cart down, and provide you with information on which brands we sell. You are welcome to call us any time at (217) 341-0821, or go to our contact page for more info!

Kreations Indoor Gardening Center provides you with the highest quality gardening products that are available on the market today. We have a true passion for what we do, and we are always available for your questions or comments!

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latest news

7.17.14 Quality built aquaponic systems, tilapia, and proper education will be available soon!

4.3.14 Special Alert! For the entire month of April our ENTIRE STOCK will be 15% off! If you need directions to the shop, go here!

2.1.14 Special Alert! All of Advanced Nutrients will be 30% off until we say so! Head over to the Specials page for more information!


Better Business Bureau
We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau in Springfield, Illinois.
Celebrating 10 Years
We are celebrating 10 years of service this year! This couldn't have happened without our loyal customers.