Environmental Controls

We have the tools you require to maintain the perfect atmosphere for your plants. We have many different products to offer you such as ventilation, odor control, and more! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have!

Air exchange is necessary to help fight CO2 depletion and to cool your grow room down for best plant growth. There’s no more efficient way of exchanging air than with an exhaust blower. ActiveAir fans offer a variety of sizes to best meet your needs.

C.A.P. is constantly striving to produce the most innovative products in our industry. The use only the finest quality components to ensure many years of trouble-free operation. The will only build products that conform to their stringent safety standards. They back our products with the best warranty in the industry, their 3 year “no hassle-no problem” product warranty. All of C.A.P.’s products are assembled in the USA.

CF Group Inc., a leader in air filtration innovation, Welcomes you to their entire Family of products. With these tried and tested products , you can feel confident you are getting the best for your ventilation needs. CF Group Inc. can truly deliver on the promise of producing top quality products.

Dayton has a line of wet/dry vacuums that provide high-level performance, durability and versatility. Dayton stationary tools are industrial-grade, built to provide years of service under demanding industrial and shop applications. Dayton also has a complete relay system solution (relays, sockets and accessories) helping you save time on installation, increasing reliability and reducing downtime due to malfunction.

Looking for high quality hydroponic blowers, greenhouse fans, and hydroponics filters? Eclipse has some of the best products around!

Hydro Innovations is a young, dynamic company started and owned by an experienced indoor gardener. As their name implies, we believe that there are a lot of “thinking out of the box” innovations that can be made to improve indoor gardening, primarily in the area of heat control, which is their focus. They got our start in manufacturing by building highly efficient grow rooms and showing Texas gardeners how to successfully grow indoors all year long, including during the unbearable heat of summer.

With optimal climate conditions, plant’s nutrients uptake is maximized for a faster growth and better product quality. Easing the control of temperature, humidity, CO2 (carbon dioxide), lighting, irrigation and others to create the ideal climate conditions for maximum yields is our goal. Durable, accurate and easy to use, our products simplify gardening activities. Intelligent Growing Systems offers the highest quality of products for enviornmental controls.

Uvonair eliminates odors caused by tobacco smoke, moulds and mildew. It even tackles the unpleasant odors from pets, cooking and damp basements. How? The Uvonair generates Ozone (O3) – one of the most powerful oxidizers available. O3 doesn’t just mask odors like mere air fresheners – it neutralizes odors at the source, then harmlessly converts to CO2 and oxygen.

Sunleaves takes great pride in serving its customers and staff with dedication and commitment. Through community and global involvement, we at Sunleaves are driven to be an environmentally conscious industry leader. Our focus is progressive growth, innovative products, and outstanding customer service. We strive to provide a fun, friendly, efficient atmosphere in which employees, customers, and business associates can positively interact.

These high performance inline blowers feature superior steel construction with powder coated baked paint and convenient North-American sizes from 4 to 12 inches. Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation. Proudly made in Canada by Atmosphere, the Vortex Powerfan is also the first industrial inline duct fan that comes with a power cord, ready to plug in, installed by the manufacturer. Never seen in the ventilation industry, these blowers feature a 10 year warranty.

Ozium, the original air sanitizer, is a mechanical and chemical system that actually eliminates smoke and unpleasant odors and reduces airborne bacteria. Ozium actually cleanses the air through glycolized action. Glycolized formula acts directly on odor causing particles in the air. EPA registered air sanitizer. Waterbury Ozium 7000 Glycolized Air Sanitizer has an EPA registered patented formula that is proven effective in reducing airborne bacteria and eliminating smoke and odors.