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Agrolite lights are specially designed to give a supplementary volumen of light to your inside plants. Its internal start system makes the use of Agrolite very friendly, there is no need of any kind of installation, screw the bulb down on the holder and it is ready.

Spectral enhancement adds more of the red wavelengths of the light spectrum than ordinary halide bulbs and are the ‘Gold Standard’ in plant growth lighting. AgroSun Gold Halides can even outperform sodiums in fruiting and flowering, producing 45% more flowers and 25% more auxillary branching than standard sodium bulbs in a 4.5 inch potted geranium test.

Since 1978 EiKO been providing only the best lighting in what has grown to include the automotive, industrial, electrical, electronic, audio/video, photographic and health care industries. Their company culture encourages their employees to take an active part in ensuring that their customers experience our motto “Selection. Solutions. Simplicity.” every time they interact.

Hydrofarm is the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and high-intensity grow lights. You can find their products in hundreds of stores and catalogs across North America. Their systems incorporate only premium quality components, and their professional-grade hydroponics and UL-listed lighting fixtures will give you years of dependable service.

The lamp-moving technology allows for more illumination in your garden including underneath the foliage, so more of the plant is involved in photosynthesis. By moving your light source along our unique-to-the-marketplace rail system, your light will reach new lows and your plants will reach record high yields. LightRail Light Movers offer a variety of track lengths, time delay and speed adjustments, so you can choose a combination that works best for you.

They are the only HID lamp manufacturer in the world that manufactures our own chemistry. Why is this important? The chemistry that goes into each lamp produces the spectrum your plants require. EYE HORTILX lamps are unique, highly-tuned light sources specifically designed to maximize plant growth!

Uvonair eliminates odors caused by tobacco smoke, moulds and mildew. It even tackles the unpleasant odors from pets, cooking and damp basements. How? The Uvonair generates Ozone (O3) – one of the most powerful oxidizers available. O3 doesn’t just mask odors like mere air fresheners – it neutralizes odors at the source, then harmlessly converts to CO2 and oxygen.

All SolarMax lamps are manufactured in Germany by an ISO certified factory with over 40 years experience in HPS and MH lamp technology, ensuring high quality and optimized performance. SolarMax grow lamps are designed with the grower in mind.

Sunleaves takes great pride in serving its customers and staff with dedication and commitment. Through community and global involvement, we at Sunleaves are driven to be an environmentally conscious industry leader. Our focus is progressive growth, innovative products, and outstanding customer service. We strive to provide a fun, friendly, efficient atmosphere in which employees, customers, and business associates can positively interact.

Whether you grow in soil, soilless mixes, Hydroton grow rocks, coco fiber or rockwool, they offer everything you need to be a successful gardener. The also offer a complete line of hydroponic supplies to grow with any method of hydroponics you choose.

Developed by distinguished physicists and leading agricultural researchers, the SUNMASTER line has been built on the marvelous versatility and flexibility of metal halide technology. By blending specific halides in the arc tubes, we’ve created lamps which offer significantly more usable light energy for hydroponics and horticultural gardening.

Hang reflectors with an easy one flip adjusting light toggle. Adjust hang height of the light with the growth rate of the plant. A light yo yo makes control simple and efficient so you get better growth.

Venture Lighting, the fastest growing metal halide lighting company in the world, is the only one concentrated on this technology. Since 1983, we’ve created a constant stream of new systems for our customers. Our range of optimized lamps and ballasts, including the revolutionary Uni-Form pulse start system, has grown to encompass lamp wattages 50 to 2,000. This unique focus offers you peak performance lighting solutions.