Meters and Solutions

You can’t have a successful garden unless you can monitor and maintain it properly. Kreations has a wide selection of meters and solutions for you to choose from. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have!

Bluelab Corporation Limited manufactures the World’s favourite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring & controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature of a liquid. Our equipment can be used by everybody from the home gardening enthusiast through to more robust commercial applications.

We hereby guarantee that all products bearing the
Bonide label are composed of first quality ingredients compounded to conform with all state and federal laws governing their sale and manufacture. Furthermore, each product is guaranteed to do its work in a satisfactory manner, and should it fail, purchase price will be refunded.

General Hydroponics is a leading innovator in the field of hydroponics with factories in North America and Europe. Their products are used by NASA in preparation for hydroponics on the International Space Station. Numerous laboratories and universities throughout the world use their products for teaching and research; other clients use their products for commercial crop production as well as high-tech gardening.

HM Digital, Inc. is the only manufacturer of economical in-line dual TDS monitors that measure total dissolved solids (TDS) levels of feed and product water lines simultaneously, an effective way to compare rejection rates and gauge reverse osmosis membrane, water filter and water purification performance.

Milwaukee Instruments products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the industry.  Milwaukee Instruments provides a limited product warranty should a failure occur due to defects in material or workmanship.  Warranted products may be returned for repair or replacement only, at the discretion of Milwaukee Instruments.  The warranty becomes void if the product has been abused, misused, or repairs attempted by unauthorized persons.