Propagation and Cloning

If you’re doing a cloning and propagation job Kreations has humidity domes for and propogation projects to the larger scale projects. We also carry the proper accessories to make these job possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have!

Botanicare offers the most comprehensive family of hydrogardening products available. We manufacture a complete line of hydroponic fertilizers, supplements, grow substrates, grow systems and plastics for every level of hydrogardening enthusiast.

The Cyco Platinum series product range has proven to be very popular with our customers. Once they use them they stick with them, and as far as retail sales go it is good to have return trade.

Dyna-Gro is more than a fertilizer. Dyna-Gro is a complete nutrient solution “The Nutrition Solution”. Ordinary fertilizers are incomplete. Many only contain N-P-K! Some contain additional elements but are still not complete. Only Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions contain all 16 of the minerals essential for optimum plant growth in one, easy to use, liquid concentrate. Omission of any one of these minerals will result in either abnormal growth, the failure to complete all life cycle functions or premature death.

EZ-CLONE Enterprises Inc was established in 2001 from individuals who are growers, just like you, so we understand your demand for superior products and can thoroughly fulfill your needs. Our years of experience have earned us the knowledge to turn this once difficult aspect of growing into a pleasurable and maintenance free process.

The main focus at Grotek is to create innovative solutions from initial research, through to a concept, and all the way to an effective product. They continue listening to and working with our worldwide partners in an effort to provide a top quality specialty fertilizer to all those searching for gardening success.

Hydrodynamics has been traveling the globe searching for the very best horticultural products and technologies that have been proven to improve the quality and increase the yields of your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers. Once we find a product that meets our exacting standards of excellence, they work diligently to import, manufacture and distribute it throughout the United States and Canada.

Mondi is an industry leading in propagation and cloning technology. They have many products, and Kreations has them all at a great price. Be sure to stop in Kreations today, and talk to Chris about our Mondi products!

In 1972, 6 unanimous votes in the U.S. Congress protected SUPERthrives, non-toxic and unrivaled formula from pointless, illegal pressures for exposure to piracy. The legislation was supported by 36 leading professional, trade and horticultural associations, and over 3,000 professional petitions affirming their environment-aiding essentially. The nation voiced its concern for availability in the U.S. And the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee General Counsl said “The agriculturists all supported you.

Technaflora Plant Products Ltd. is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Technaflora boasts a catalogue of outstanding plant nutrients and additives. Unique items such as Awesome Blossoms�, Rootech Cloning Gel, Thrive Alive B-1, B.C Hydroponic Nutrients and SugarDaddy confirm the company’s leadership in the specialty gardening market