We have put a list of resources to help guide you in your process of indoor gardening. As always, if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the online form or you can call Chris directly at 217-341-0821!

Feeding Schedules

FoxFarm Hydroponic Feeding Tips
FoxFarm has put a nice table for you to use. If you’re having trouble with knowing how much liquids and concentrates to add, this guide will tell you!
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Botanicare’s Advanced Nutrient Feed Program
If you use Botanicare products, then you really need to view this feeding schedule to make sure you are using their product properly.
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Gardening Resources

Hydroponics 101
Learn how to raise a variety of plants from Arugula to Zinnias – and all without the use of soil. Explore the remarkable products available today including Grodan Grow-Cubes, previously featured on the Discovery Channel.
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Maximum Yield Gardening Magazine
With Maximum Yield’s Magazine at your fingertips, you can get an absorbent amount of help. They have all their magazines online, and ready for you to read!
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National Gardening Association
In it’s 35 year existance, NGA has been an amazing nonprofit leader, working to grow the connection between people and plants.
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Hydroponics Help

Hydroponics Dictionary
Hydroponics Dictionary is constantly updating their site with new articles, hydroponics calculators for calculations, information on hydroponic topics, and applications for indoor gardening and hydroponics farming.
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